Did you know that millwork touches virtually every aspect of your home? It sits on the flooring, rests against the walls, touches the ceiling, incorporates both plumbing and electrical, surrounds appliances, considers light switches, accommodates ducting and venting, houses valuables and is one of the most visual components of your new home. We don’t just build cabinetry, we do all of the work behind the scenes with all of the other subcontractors to ensure you have a beautiful, functional space with impeccably installed millwork that will last for years.

Did you know that the stress associated with building or renovating primarily comes from misunderstandings, expectations, decisions, timelines and costs? Newport’s reputation for quality, from service to product, ensures that the process will be smooth. While every design is unique, we have worked on countless challenging, exciting and successful projects in the past 20 years and we can guide you through the process with minimal stress and maximal satisfaction.